🌏 We are Fermatta. We use creative engineering to empower the creative class 🌊

We help artists increase revenue, streams, and fan loyalty. We build digital strategies, campaigns, and technology-driven experiences to empower artists to connect with their fans in new and more effective ways. We also help brands tap into cultural moments and conversations through innovative digital content and experiences.


Select Clients:

Select Web Projects:

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality blurs the lines between physical and digital - providing new opportunities: immersive portals, new e-commerce experiences, and deeper brand activations. Here are select AR portals we have built:

Thought Leadership:

We were featured in Forbes Magazine for positing new revenue streams for artists via blockchain (and demonstrated feasbility through the creation of ARAYZ token).

We worked with Snapchat on a first-of-its-kind Augmented Reality Lens with upcoming Grammy Nominated artist Caliph